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Page history last edited by Ali Fuad Selvi 6 years, 5 months ago

Dear visitors,


I am writing you to give you a full account on the 2014 NNEST EVO. 


NNEST Interest Section held its second EVO (Electronic Village Online) Session between January 13 - February 16, 2014. Organized in collaboration with the CALL Interest Section, this online event brought together nearly 100 participants from several continents around the world. Our aim was to create a virtual discussion platform designed to utilize multilingual, multicultural, and multinational perspectives to re-examine some of the fundamental assumptions and practices influencing NNESTs (and the NNEST movement) around the world.


As we concluded our session, I would like to thank Aiden Yeh (also the former chair of the NNEST IS) who helped us organize this event and other moderators Kyung-Hee Bae (Chair-elect of the NNEST IS), Katya Nemtchinova (NNEST IS Member-at-large), Liz England, Geeta Aneja, Nathanael Rudolph and Bedrettin Yazan (NNEST IS Newsletter Editor). Without their time and devotion, this would not have been possible. I also feel the necessity to express my gratitude to our Guest Speakers, Yilin Sun and Valerie S. Jakar, who graciously shared their insights and wisdom with our community. Finally, I would like to extend my appreciation to our participants from all around the world. A huge and heartfelt thank you!


I understand that some of us may not have had the chance to follow the discussions and online sessions primarily due to our commitments and scheduling issues. Therefore, I wanted to put together this message to provide you a recap of the event and share some important links with you. 


2014 NNEST EVO (January 13 - February 16, 2014)


2014 NNEST EVO Schedule


Week 1 - Introductions & Myths and Misconceptions about the NNEST movement

Watch Week 1 online session (Guest Speaker: Ali Fuad Selvi)


Week 2 - Taking on Leadership Roles in Regional and International Professional Organizations 

Watch Week 3 online session (Guest Speaker: Yilin Sun - TESOL Incoming President)
http://goo.gl/orznoM (Start at 57:40)


Week 3 - NNEST Mentoring Practices

Watch Week 3 online session (Guest Speaker: Valerie S. Jakar)


Week 4 - Doing Research on NNEST Issues: Practical Suggestions

Guest Speaker: Kyung Hee Bae


Week 5 - Building and Implementing Sustainable Practices against Unprofessional, Discriminatory Treatments 

Watch Week 5 online session (Guest Speaker: Nathanael Rudolph)


We are definitely very much interested in continuing this (and many other related conversations) with you! 



Ali Fuad

[on behalf of the 2014 NNEST EVO Team]


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